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  • Bar seating will be spaced to two (2) chairs every six (6) feet apart.


  • All guests are to be seated by staff ONLY! To elminate waiting & congregating, we recommend visiting our reservation page we have put in place for guests to either join the waitlist or make a reservation. Guests will receive a text notification when their table is ready!




  • Servers may POSSIBLY be put into sections to minimize working area (depending on number of staff on shift).


  • One guest per party is allowed inside to be put on a waitlist (they are to wait in their vehicle until they receive a text message when their table is ready).


  • All tables, booths/chairs, menus, condiments are to be wiped after each table turn.


  • Server tablets will be ‘print only’ (ToastPay at the table now available - see below)– absolutely no digital receipts or guests handling/signing on the server tablets.


  • Bathrooms, door handles/windows or any high guest areas are to be cleaned & sanitized hourly.


  • Delivery will remain available through Toast delivery ($5.00 delivery fee via Doordash - FREE delivery fee for orders of $100 or more) - delivery orders will only be available to be placed through our online ordering platform at, call-in delivery orders & Doordash app orders are not available.


  • ENTIRE restaurant to be cleaned & sanitized thoroughly EVERY NIGHT!


  • Maximum of 8 people parties at a single table unless seated outside away from other guests. Please note: smoking is only available in designated smoking areas and is not permitted in or near guests eating areas.


  • ALL staff are required to come in 15 minutes before their shift, wait the 15 minutes before management taking their temperature. Any staff with temperatures of 100.4 or over will be sent home and will not be able to return to work without a doctor's note.




Again, our guests & staff's safety is our main concern and number one goal - so we have integrated a contactless payment option to better serve our amazing customers with just TWO quick steps to paying at the table:


  1. When you get your check from your server/bartender, simply scan the QR code at the bottom of the reciept using your smartphones camera!


  1. Follow the instructions on screen by entering payment & tip information.


If you are unfamiliar with QR code technology, please visit the following resources for more information: 




How does the server know someone has paid?

Your server will receive a notification when the check has been paid!


Can guests split the check?

Yes, your server/bartneder can split the check on the POS device and each guest should receive their own itemized check. Each check will have a unique QR code that will allow them to view and pay for their items.


Will guests receive loyalty points using Pay at the Table?

Guests will not be able to accrue loyalty points for payments made using Pay at the Table at this time, even if the card used is already registered with their loyalty account. We are aware of this inconvenience and are working to add this feature in a future update. Stay tuned! 


Guest didn't receive a digital receipt. 

At first, guests will not be receiving digital receipts but we are working to add this enhancement soon. Stay tuned!